• Campus Facilities

    • Academic Activities

      In addition to regular theory and practical work, the students would be involved in various project based assignments. There would be regular guest lectures by faculty from various reputed institutions. Numerous academic events like seminars, presentations, software, exhibitions, technical exhibitions and educational visits would be organized over the year. The college would also help students to participate in academic and related events organized by other institutions.

    • Library

      • Each student will be given library membership card for issue of library books
      • In case of any loss of books the student should apply in writing to the concern department.
      • The student will be held responsible if the library card is misused by other students.
      • Before getting the book/books issues, student should see that book/books are not damaged. If any kind of damage is there, the concern should be informed immediately to make the note of it. Otherwise the total responsibility rest with the students and will be fined.
      • If the book/books lost, the student will have to return a new copy of lost book/Books. If he/she fails to do so, he/she will have to pay amount charges by the librarian.
      • If book/books are issued for taking home and are not returned before or on the date, Rs. 1/-will be charged each day as late fees.
      • No student will be allowed to sit in the reading room without producing identity card to th charge of the reading room.
      • If B.T. Card is spoiled, the necessary charges will be fined.
      • Before leaving the reading room, student should return the books, periodicals, etc. without fail.
      • In-charge of reading room has every right to check the students belonging.

    • Computer Lab

      The computer center in the main building provides generalized facilities on and off college hours and internet browsing facility to all students and faculty. The computer center also provides technical support to all the departments The laboratory houses branded computers and latest software therein.

    • College Examinations

      The College Examinations, Unit Tests of Sessional Examination, of the college will be held on the dates fixed by the college Council. Every student must appear in all these examinations. Absentees without prior permission will have to pay a fine of Rs. 10/- per paper. Students securing marks less than 35 % will also be fined and their names will be reported to their Parents / Guardians.

      Students claiming exemptions on medical or any other ground may get exemption as per the rules made by the College council or Principal.

    • Sports & Recreations

      The college has a full-fledged sports department with playground and facilities for cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis etc. The college also has well-equipped modern games department for students. Beside the college has a well equipped gym.

    • High Power Generator

      The college has installed a high power generator to tackle the problem of load shedding. No hindrance to work in the laboratories, classroom and administrative building is faced when there is no electricity.

    • Training & Placement

      The college has a separate training and placement cell, which will promote tie-ups with industrial and corporate houses.

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