Message from the JT. Secretary’s Desk:

Good health is not only the foundation of a happy life of an individual, it is essential for a positive family and community life also. Health care system has a direct bearing on economy of a nation. Education of pharmacy is a very important discipline of comprehensive health education system. Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry. It bears responsibility of discovery, production, disposal, effective and safe use, and control of medications and drugs. World is witnessing the supreme role of pharmaceutical science and pharmacists in saving humankind by meeting the challenges posed by dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.
Shree Sainath College of Pharmacy, Dawalameti, Amravati Road, Nagpur, a leading pharmacy degree college, situated on a green sprawling campus, equipped with all modern facilities is imparting quality education in B. Pharm degree courses since past 8 years. By dint of sincere endeavor of able teachers, the college has 100% results in all semesters and many students secured distinction in the recent examinations. The Executive body of the Charity Society, “Swargiya MeghrajJi Ojha Smruti Shikshan Sanstha” under the umbrella of which this college runs is committed to enhancement of infrastructural facilities and continual quality improvement of education in this college.
My best wishes to all students for their bright future.

Dr. Saurabh R. B. Singh 
JT. Secretary, SMOSSS, Nagpur